Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Header image

Hi all!

I know, I know, no posting for some time, but it's been quite busy at home, at work and with the holidays and all...
I mainly just continued unit testing the crawlers, so not much new development on that front.

BUT: I did finish the header image! :-) Long live the GIMP!
I'm sure you've all seen the website's logo right here in the title of the blog

It's actually one of the first things I created after the initial idea came to me.
It also allowed me to take my first steps into the world of (*cough*) graphic design.
I had no prior experience.

So now, I ventured a bit more and finished the header for the site.

Not bad, huh!
Well, at least not bad to my standards :-)
If any graphic designers are reading this blog and want to laugh at me, please do!
But when you're done, please comment with any suggestions for improvement.


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